English: Women of the Mau in front of the octagonal Mau office in Vaimoso near Apia, ca 1930.
Gagana Samoa: Fafine o le Mau i luma o le ofisa a le Mau i Vaimoso, i Apia. (le ata fa’apea na pu’e i le tausaga 1930)

People usually associate the Mau Movement in Samoa as an independence movement led by men. But, the women of the Mau were an important part of this independence movement too. Go the women!

The Mau was a non-violent movement for Samoan independence from colonial rule during the first half of the XXth century. Mau means ‘opinion,’ ‘unwavering,’ ‘to be decided,’ or ‘testimony’ denoting ‘firm strength’ in Samoan. The motto for the Mau were the words Samoa mo Samoa (Samoa for the Samoans).

Photo: AJ Tattersall