New Zealand-born Ipswich-raised (Brisbane, Australia) Samoan – Fez (Efiso) Fa’anana admits growing up it was hard to know exactly where to call home. But these days the creative director of international male burlesque, circus and comedic touring group ‘Briefs’ says all three feel like home and Samoa a definite big chunk of his heart. Fez is generous in sharing these truths but his alter-ego persona Shivannah may have a totally different take on that – Paris, London, New York maybe? Ssh better not tell her that Fez actually grew up playing a lot of league either…

Find out more about Fez Fa’anana in this TheCoconet.TV special straight from him to you.

Efiso (Fez) Fa’anana:

dad from Palauli, mum from Fagamalo – Savai’i, Samoa hard.

Creative Director of ‘Briefs’, Australian based internationally touring all male performing troupe (sometimes called boylesque)

Show info – ‘Briefs’  is on at Auckland’s ASB Theatre at the Aotea Centre Wednesday 17 – Saturday 20 February 2016

You can buy tickets at Ticket Master.

Video Source: The Coconet TV