Ever since The Bachelor appeared on New Zealand television sets again last week, the buzz in the Pacific community has been the sole NESIAN bachelorette, former Miss Samoa NZ contestant, Metotisi Komiti-Faalavaau, or Metz as she’s known.

But is it all over before it’s even started? There was speculation she may not be feeling a “spark” with Bachelor Jordan Mauger. Rumblings among the girls revealed Metz, the Samoan Princess, may be looking to excuse herself from the mansion.

Metz has kept her intentions close to her chest however saying she just wants to “get to know” Mauger a little better. When the pair sat down for a bit of alone time, she told him straight. “I just want the opportunity, all the girls were telling me – he’s a lot of fun, well, I don’t know hes a lot of fun,” Metz said. “Tonight at the cocktail party, I wanted to tell you, I want to get to know you.” She also said her perfect man was someone caring, loyal and understanding, who loves family. READ MORE. And watch the video here.

Source: NZ Herald