Former Samoan beauty queen Metz has become the first contestant to leave the Bachelor NZ this season of her own accord. She later released a statement calling for Samoans to be proud and thanking her family for their loving support.

Official Statement:

I would like to take this God given opportunity to thank everyone who has taken the time to reach out to me in an overwhelming show of love and support on my time on‪#‎TheBachelorNZ‬ Especially to my family for always being my backbone.

I would like to acknowledge and thank my agent Lia Sagote of Suga Magazine and Cecilia Sagote Management for her support and guidance throughout this journey both personally and professionally.

As a proud Samoan, it has and always will be my intention to represent our island in a way that lets the world know we are grounded, we are present, we are strong, and most importantly, that we are there for one another when the going gets tough.
I never thought that my own personal decision would showcase the quick judgement of others – the quick judgement in which our Samoan society is all so familiar with. I understand that for some of you, old values should be upheld.

We are all entitled to our opinions and I also believe, we are all entitled also to a basic level of respect and to not be judged for our choices. Be kind to one another. We are better than cyber bullying. Remember we never know what another person is going through. Suicide is highest amongst our Pacific populations. Let us all unite in addressing cyber bullying. I am lucky to have the support of my family and friends but not everyone has that support system so please be kind.

One Samoan can only do so much – so I hope that I have inspired another Samoan brother or sister to take charge of their lives; to live happily and live freely and not to hold back because of others opinions. Embrace YOU and know that your Samoan culture will be your source of strength. It is my firm belief that Samoans can achieve anything. We should not be limited from exploring opportunities because if anything, “Samoans always do it better.” :

To the SUGA’s whom I particularly want to address: Do YOU and find yourselves and live your own journeys – e au le inailau a Tamaitai. We are equipped to be a light to the world. We are equipped to be leaders from the power we receive from taking care of our families.



Source: NZ Herald & Metotisi ‘Metz’ Komiti-Faalavaau